White label cryptocurrency exchange software - Bitcoin Fund Management

We are an experienced and innovative developer team for the new cryptocurrency project. We offer this manpower outsourcing service and developer cryptocurrency offers Bitcoin Fund Management service help entrepreneurs build platform and easily manage the cryptocurrency assets including digital funds and digital tokens and currencies etc. Blockchain Assets and Cryptocurrency Consulting cryptocurrency business is development every day all over the world and the most common use of the cryptocurrency is buying and selling of goods in the online. The major cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is the new digital assets. Outsourcing services provided to qualified our team of skilled professionals moreover. White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software the cryptocurrency exchange software is multicurrency. SegWit enabled and multi-signature and high-frequency trading platform for digital assets supports major world fiat currencies such as USD and Euro among other, bank-level defenses to protect users from hacks as 3 points architecture and DB encryption and multi-signature cold wallet and encrypted hot wallet. To Contact Details: Website URL: http://www.developercryptocurrency.com/bitcoin-fund-management.php Mail Us: vsjayan@gmail.com Make a Call : (USA) : (+1) 858 633 0515 Make a Call : (UK) : (+44) 203 290 5530 Make a Call : (India) : (+91) 9841300660

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